• Darini Kurniawati


Banjarmasin have never had any pharmaceutical activities. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, through the smart community movement program to use drugs (Ministry of Health, 2017). Adiwiyata School is a school that cares about the environment, has culture and character. The school community applies a character curriculum based on a clean and healthy environment (KLHK, 2019).

The partner-based community service activity method, with education and training methods for students, selected Adiwiyata school partners who integrate all environmental-based activities

to create a clean and healthy life, making students an agent of change in the sense of changing wrong behavior in use drugs by transmitting the knowledge obtained to fellow students and residents in the school environment, in the family environment and in the surrounding community.

The results of the activity show that there are still many problems in the use of drugs in the community, including buying antibiotics freely without a doctor's prescription, excessive use of over-the-counter drugs (over-dosage), incidence of side effects, drug interactions or drug abuse that often occur in the community and can cause problems. new to health, there are still many people who do not understand how to store and dispose of / destroy drugs properly. The high school teachers who administer the UKS do a lot of self-medication (self-medication) in the first treatment for sick children at school.

Conclusion: SMAN 7 Banjarmasin students can become Agents of Change after receiving education and training in the smart community movement activities using medicine (GeMa CerMat) from this community service activity.


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Oct 13, 2021
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